God's Presence in Times of Trouble

"The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble."

Psalm 9:9 

I recently visited a cavern; a dark, damp and beautiful sample of God’s creative powers. Stalactites hung from the ceiling and stalagmites grew from the ground. There was only one entrance and only one exit. A vast array of tunnels and football-field sized areas lay only a few hundred feet below the ground. It was the perfect place to hide and reminded me of King David.

While in fear for his life, David escaped to a cave to find refuge from King Saul. Sequestered underground, he would never experience a surprise attack. He was at the advantage; safe and prepared for any danger that would come at him. In caves, he found refuge, safety, and protection: a stronghold.

My experience in the cave was a bit different from David's. Although the cave provided a sense of protection, it also piqued my uncertainty. A bit uneasy, I feared a stalactite might drop or I might trip over a boulder. But, enveloped in the immense and powerful structure of the earth, I knew nothing from the outside could harm me. 

We can feel the same way when we determine to depend fully upon God. However, at times we may try to trust Him but hold on to uncertainty and fear. We might look to him as a stronghold but clench our fists waiting for the ceiling to fall in. I love David's example because he KNEW the Lord could be trusted: the earth could shake but the heavens would remain. Trials would come, but God would remain faithful. God would always be his hiding place.

Fortunately, our Lord is better than the refuge of a cave and a greater source of protection. He is a more powerful stronghold.

 When you fear, who or what do you turn to for safety? When was the last time you hid in a cave rather than depend upon the creator of the universe?