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SYNOPSIS: What would you do if one of the people you trusted most deceived you? What if that person was your pastor?

Deceived by her pastor and now forced to create a new life for herself, Beth Martin struggles to discover the key to healing. As Beth searches for the truth, she finds herself facing the demons of her youth and questioning God’s love and faithfulness. When a man from her past comes back into her life, Beth is tempted to find solace in the memories of their romance. Beth and her husband, Matt, grow further and further apart as Matt faces his own internal battles. Will their marriage and Beth’s faith survive? Or will Beth only find the answers she seeks in the arms of another man?

The Nickel Nuisance

Click here to buy “The Nickel Nuisance” – WINNER of the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild 2014 Unpublished Manuscript Contest

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SYNOPSIS: Jake is tired of feeling like a loser. Failure at baseball, feeling like a wannabe at school and facing bullies like a weakling, that’s his life. He’s starting to wonder if things will ever change or if even God can fix his problems. It’s not until he co
mes across a rare nickel with an intriguing story that life really starts to look different. But will things get better? Or will Jake end up feeling like an even bigger loser than before?




Click here to buy “The Penny Predicament”.

Penny Predicament Front Cover High Res


SYNOPSIS: What would a 12-year-old boy do to help save his family from financial ruin? In Jake King’s case, he’d do just about anything. But uncertainty sets in as his plans go awry, his friendships start to fail and his faith takes a few hits. Finding a rare coin worth a fortune might be the answer. But what if it’s not real? Will Jake lose his best friend and his family’s future at the same time? Only God knows and, hopefully, he’ll let Jake in on it.



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