New Book – The Quarter Question – Coming Soon!

The Coin Chronicles

The third book in The Coin Chronicles series is coming soon! Be on the lookout for The Quarter Question coming in early 2018.


Quick Info: Jake is almost 13 years old and its finally time to change his reputation. He’s no longer going to be known as the History Nerd–at least, not if he can help it. Joining the most popular Crew on campus will change things–but only if they let him in. All he has to do is complete three Dirty Deeds. With his lucky quarter by his side, what could go wrong?”

From Chapter 1:

My Mistake

I’ve decided to fail my history class.

I’ve earned As in history ever since I was old enough to read. It’s not my fault that God thought it would be a good idea to make me a N-E-R-D.

But not anymore.


I’ve made up my mind.

What happened in class yesterday sealed the deal. Picture this:

There I am, Jake King, standing at the front of the class with a report folder in hand. It’s mid-semester and time to let Mr. Birgdon–History teacher–know how much work we’ve done on our semester reports.

Reports aren’t due for months but I chose my topic weeks ago when my parents took us to a Renaissance (that’s REN–UH–SONCE) Faire–a fair just like any other except people dress up in costumes, put on fake jousting shows and act like court jesters.

When it’s my turn to review my report for Mr. Birgdon, I stand in front of the class and whip open my folder–Mistake Number 1. Half the class offers a shocked hiss and the other half flings themselves back in their seats causing a loud screeching sound. Then the snickering starts. I think I hear someone in the back of the classroom say something like teacher’s pet and then history nerd. But I ignore it–Mistake Number 2. Instead, I keep going.

I clear my throat and start in on my memorized speech meant to impress Mr. Birgdon. I turn the report to the class to show them the pictures I downloaded of the crazy Renaissance costumes.

Mr. Birgdon rubs his beard and peers back at the class as I talk. Before I reach the end of my speech, he holds up a hand to stop me.

“That’s enough, Mr. King,” he says and gets up from behind his desk. “We have the idea. Have a seat.”

The shock of being stopped mid-report leaves me silent for a second. But, crazy me, I shake it off, glance over at Misty Schreiber (the prettiest girl in school–with skin the color of caramel, dark curls and meadow green eyes) and flip to the next page in my folder. I still have over half the report to share, so I hold it up to the class and continue–Mistake Number 3.

Instead of Mr. Birgdon stopping me this time, the kids in class take it upon themselves to do the job. They continue their heckling, chanting History Nerd from all corners of the room. Then a spitball hits me in the forehead just as I start my section on Renaissance games.

I flick the wad away and search for the culprit. My best friend, Ben, sits in the back corner of the room and gives me a hand-slicing-across-the-throat sign to quit. But I just can’t. I’m going to finish no matter what–that attitude is Mistake Number 4.

For more from “The Quarter Question,” look for it on Amazon in early 2018.

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