Conned by Commercials

elefunMy Confession: I’ve been conned by commercials!

I’ve been weak, easily worn down, and have wavered in the face of, “Please, Mom! Please!  PLEASE!” That’s often what happens when kids see something in a TV commercial that they just HAVE to have. This was especially true for me when my kids were younger  (around preschool and kindergarten age).

You might remember the Elefun (pictured here). According to my son, he couldn’t live without it. The commercial showed a plastic elephant that blew butterflies out of its trunk and children ran in circles, catching the butterflies in nets. The children were the epitome of happiness: smiles, laughter and hugs for their parents. They seemed to be having the time of their lives with hundreds of fluttering plastic butterflies raining down on them.

Luke saw this commercial over and over again in the midst of watching shows like The Wiggles and Bob the Builder. And he was right; it did look like a fun toy. At least a little bit. There were some things about it that I questioned. My biggest concern – “Is it really as fun as it looks?” Continue reading