Kid Konfession

silhouette-of-a-boy-clip-art_423550NO MORE “GOOD JOBS”!!!

Mark’s response to “Not So Good Job”

Kid Konfession: “Good job”?

Why isn’t it “great” or “perfect” or “lovely”? It’s “good job”. When they say that, I think that it really is meaningless. It’s true. When they say that, I think that they just weren’t paying attention. That’s why I tell my parents to say “great”, “perfect” and “lovely”, other than “good job.”  It makes me feel like they don’t care. Do they care? I know they do. Still, no more “good jobs”!!!  Because it makes me angry and sad and sometimes mad.


Not So Good Job


My confession: When I say, “Good job” I don’t mean it.

Now, it’s not true all the time. But one day recently, it was. And my youngest son was very vocal about it.

While I typed busily and hyper-focused at my computer he stuffed a drawing in my face and chirped, “Like my picture mom?”

“Yeah, good job,” I said. Or maybe it was, “That’s nice,” or something vague and meaningless like that. Continue reading


Kid Konfession

silhouette-of-a-boy-clip-art_423550DOWN WITH LIMITS!

Mark’s response to “The Music Battle” (click to read my confession first)

Kid Konfession – My mom doesn’t like us watching anything. It’s bad.  I want to watch lots of things. It’s no fair. My brother gets to watch badder things than I do…like that have bad words in them. It’s no fair. It’s like he’s a totally different person. It’s true. He’s a totally different person, but I still want to listen to the same kinds of music he does. Like he got to listen to that song, “I like big butts and I cannot lie” and I didn’t.

I don’t like limits!


Time for a Change

Neon_sign,__CHANGE_I’m taking time out from my usual “confessions” to let you all know that I’ve added a new feature to my blog. You may have noticed the somewhat subtle, but still totally obvious, name change. We’re in our trial run of “Confessions of a Child Psychologist…& a Kid”.

So, here’s the change…I’ve enlisted one of my boys (the youngest), to respond to my blog posts. He’ll let you know what really goes on around here. If you thought I was confessing before, just wait until you hear what Mark has to say. He’ll definitely be keeping things real.

So, keep an eye out for what he has to say in his “Kid Konfessions”. It might be a load of fun…or you might just notice another subtle (and hopefully not too obvious) blog name change again!