Worry Wart

Gnome-face-worried_svgMy Confession: I worry.

Sounds like a simple confession, right? Everyone worries. What’s the big deal? Well, I probably worry about things that most people don’t worry about. Having a career in Psychology may not be good for a worrier like me. You see, I know all the ways a parent can mess up their kids.
I know the signs to look for and the troubling behaviors to keep an eye on. And, like many people in the behavioral sciences, I attribute what I know to the people around me.

My son has told me many times, “Mom, you worry too much.” When he says that, it’s because I tell him to be careful with a knife or to not run around the pool. He doesn’t know about my deeper worries (thankfully). He doesn’t know that I worry about him having to go to therapy when he grows up because of the damage that I’ve caused in his psyche. Please understand, I’ve never told him anything resembling, “Keep that up and you’ll turn into an ax-murderer!” But, clearly I‘ve made my worry obvious enough for him to comment about it.

It’s a problem. I know.

My Conclusion: Matthew 6:25 states the conclusion clearly enough, “Do not worry about your life.”    (I think that even includes not worrying about whether or not your kid will grow up to be an ax-murderer.**)

**Although I’m not advocating or encouraging the creation of ax-murderers! 🙂