It’s Okay to be Run Down

Confession: I slept on the couch all day (literally).

Granted, I was sick. But, I didn’t engage in much parenting at all yesterday. Or the day before. My boys made their breakfast and lunch. Fortunately, dad was home to take care of dinner. They watched TV and played on the computer all day. Friday was a school day. Since my boys are homeschooled, their “education” for the day was determining how much jelly makes for a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Continue reading


Make them Cry

My Confession: I made my kids cry.

I knew it would happen. But I did it anyway. The minute we called the family meeting they knew something was up. They plopped down in their seats at the dining room table and stared at me and their dad. They both took on the same position, leaning on the table with their arms folded. The older boy looked almost hopeful. Like maybe we were going to announce plans for his birthday party or another family vacation. The little one kept his eyes wide, waiting for whatever news was to come.

Then we dropped the bomb. Continue reading


Break the Rules

My Confession: I let my son eat ice-cream five times in one day.

He ate soft-serve vanilla after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then as a mid-day and midnight snack. I guess that’s the other confession – he stayed up until midnight at least four times this week. Am I delusional? Do I have a fever? I’ve told other parents (in my most professional and serious sounding voice):

“In order to avoid behavior problems in children, start with a strong foundation: Make sure they get plenty of sleep and provide them with a well-balanced diet.”

So, why did I break these cardinal rules? And not only break them but shatter them and then flaunt the pieces for all to see? Continue reading


Pick Your Battles

My website is up and running. It’s 3:00 AM and I am now a member of the virtual world.

My Confession: My 6-year-old son got here before me. He’s been “chatting” and “friending” and “unfriending” people in Bearville for months.  The parenting ramifications of this? Continue reading